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Texture Anime Mouse Pad Large Lock Edge Internet Cafe Internet Cafe Computer Desk Keyboard Pad - style: 2style, Size: 400X900X2MM

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Product information:

Model: a variety of models
Type: games, keyboard pads, gaming mouse pads, ordinary mouse pads, wrist mouse pads, advertising mouse pads, office, USB warm series, personalized customized products, toys/models/animations
Material: rubber + cloth
Single-sided and double-sided: Single-sided
Features: wrist guard, non-slip
Process: Thermal transfer, plastic molding, machining, surface treatment
Size: Various sizes (mm)
Pattern: monotonous texture 1, monotonous texture 2, monotonous texture 3, monotonous texture 4, monotonous texture 5, monotonous texture 6, monotonous texture 7, monotonous texture 8, monotonous texture 9, monotonous texture 10, monotonous texture 11, monotonous texture 12, Texture monotonous 13, texture monotonous 14, texture monotonous 15, texture monotonous 16, texture monotonous 17, texture monotonous 18, texture monotonous 19, texture monotonous 20, texture monotonous 21
Color: Seam 300X600X2MM, Seam 300X600X3MM, Seam 300X700X2MM, Seam 300X700X3MM, Seam 300X800X2MM, Seam 300X800X3MM, Seam 400X800X2MM, Seam 400X800X3MM, Seam 400X900X2MM, Seam 400X900X3MM

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Keyboard padx1


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