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style: Widen, Size: 5 inches - Profile ruler profile ruler radian ruler

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Material: Plastic ABS
Product function:
1. Simple model selection: suitable for measuring and imitating various shapes, such as cylinders and irregular objects.
2. Accurate measurement: clear scale in metric and inch system, convenient and quick unit conversion.
3. High-density symmetrical strip: ABS material, precise repeat.
4. It can be used for shape measurement projects such as laying floors, carpets, and plumbing.
5. It is suitable for installing ceramic tiles, laminates, carpets, checking size, forming, etc.
6. It can be used to measure the shape of irregular objects.
7. Copy the contour and cut into shape
8. A good helper for carpenters, multi-functional woodworking tools

Quality advantage: manual adjustment, the teeth are tighter, not loose, and the workmanship is finer.undefined




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