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Color: Orange, Size: 10inch, style: 5PCS - 5 10 Inch Contour Gauge Template Plastic Measuring Contour Gauge Duplicator Tiles Edge Shaping Measure Ruler Measuring Tool

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Wide range of applications: The profiler is suitable for measuring many irregular objects, winding pipes, automobile metal plates, circular frames, pipes, tiles, laminates, wooden boards, pipes, floors, carpets, moldings, etc.
The contour arc ruler is made of durable ABS plastic, which is light and strong.
High-definition marking, clear and easy to read. The contour gauge replicator is suitable for woodworking, automotive sheet metal, stainless steel or other contour repetitive operations.

1. Instant templates for marking precise tile cuts
2. The non-rusting plastic conforms to the shape and maintains the pattern
3. The outline gauge size is 5 inches/125 mm and 10 inches/250 mm.
4. Easy to use-press the tooth on the object to match the contour, and then draw the shape you need
5. Using exquisite plastic materials, completely attached to the object
6. Designed to bypass pipes, circular frames, ducts and many objects.
7. Contour copy is required for any type of work. In woodworking, car body, car metal plate, stainless steel
8. Or any contour copying work.
9. High-precision calibration, accurate measurement, making measurement and cutting easier.
10. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, high strength and durable.

Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS
Color is orange
Size: About 5 inches, 6 inches, 10 inches
5 inches (Lxp): About 12*10*3cm
10 inches (Lxp): About 25*10*3cm
Type: Precision gauge
Measuring range: 0-250MM
Accuracy: 0.01mm

Package Contents:
1 x contour arc ruler


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