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Color: Silver, Capacity size: 64k small - Manufacturer-customized European-style Embossed Retro Notebook Notebook Notepad

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Product information:

Product category: diary, notebook, notebook, notepad, record book
Cover material: PU
Binding: Hardcover
Text material: beige paper
Inner paper weight: 80 (g)
Body paper size: 13.5X20.5CM


Three-dimensional relief craft
The cover is made of imported leather with three-dimensional embossing technology,
Exquisite workmanship, brushed bronze color on the protruding parts
Show the European retro texture, very beautiful, and hand-painted,
Every book is unique
Using three-dimensional relief technology, the surface is brushed with gold,
It is very retro and feels very good. It is a good choice for giving away.
The book cover material is imported imitation leather,
The fine craftsmanship effect makes the book heavier
Western bronze highlights the sense of retro
It is a good book worth collecting and giving away
The book uses line glue,
It is not easy to fall off and degumming.
And it can be spread out 180 degrees, which is conducive to the feeling of writing
The inner pages of the book are divided into blank pages, fine paper, subsurface
It conveys a peaceful atmosphere like light music
And lyrical romantic tenderness
Different forms of relief have their own artistic style
High relief, greater spatial depth and strong plasticity,
Give its emotional expression form dignity, calmness, seriousness,
Vigorous effect and grand vibe

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