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Color: 30style - Notebook Thickened Suture Kraft Paper Car Thread Soft Copy

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Product information:

style: Humanities, Characters, Animals, Fresh, Hand-painted, New Year, Ethnic Style, Fruits, Bohemia, Simple, Natural, Festivals, Japanese and Korean, Retro, Creative Trends, Business
color classification: 1style: A5 Bear and Time 10 books

2style: A5 Spring Sakura 10 copies
3style: A5 kraft paper / 10 books
4style: A5 black card horizontal line 10 books
5style: 10 A5 learning tools
6style: A5 My Shadow 10 books
7style: A5 Good Night's Dream 10 Books
8style: A5 Star of the Sea of Clouds 10 copies
9style: A5 if possible 10 books
10style: 10 copies of B5 kraft paper
11style: B5 black card horizontal line 10 books
12style: B5 Botanical Garden 10 books
13style: 10 copies of B5 watermelon taste
14style: B5 I'll wait 10 more
15style: B5 its ok 10 books
16style: B5 Happy Duck 10 copies
17style: 10 copies of B5 Kasuga
18style: B5 crystal ball 10 pcs
19style: B5 10 books with food and poems
20style: B5 Bear and Time 10 books
21style: 10 copies of B5 your heart
22style: 10 daily books of B5 cat
23style: B5 Guardian Secrets 10 books
24style: 10 B5 Good Night Dreams
25style: 10 B5 learning tools
26style: B5 Spring Sakura 10 copies
27style: B5 My Shadow 10 books
28style: B5 Star of the Sea 10 books
29style: B5 Unicorn Alien 10 books
30style: B5 cute things 10 books
31style: B5 10 if you can
32style: A5 its ok 10 books
33style: A5 10 books with food and poems
34style: A5 Botanical Garden 10 books
35style: A5 watermelon taste 10 pcs
36style: 10 copies of A5 your heart
37style: A5 I will wait 10 more
38style: A5 crystal ball 10 pcs
39style: A5 Guardian Secrets 10 books
40style: 10 daily books of A5 cat
41style: A5 cute things 10 books
42style: A5 Happy Duck 10 copies
43style: A5 Unicorn Alien 10 books
44style: A5 Kasugari 10 Page

Inside page material: Daolin paper
Category: General Notebook
Binding method: thread binding
Cover hardness: soft copy

Packing list:

Notebook *10



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