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Color: as shown, style: C - Girl Heart Hand Book Inner Core Loose-Leaf Book For The Core Cute Girl Mini Three-Hole Mini Hand Book Ins Simple

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Product information:
Product Category: Diary
Cover color: Sea Salt Sweet Song-60 refills, Garden Evening Breeze-60 refills, Milk Salt Toast-60 refills, Little Fox Benben-60 refills

Style A: Sea Salt Sweet Song-60 refills
Style B: Garden Evening Breeze-60 refills
Style C: Milk salt toast-60 refills
Style D: Little Fox Runs-60 refills
Style E: 3-hole silver binder (single shell)
Style F: 3-hole white binder (single shell)
Style G: 3-hole purple binder (single shell)
Style H: 3-hole mint green binder (single shell)


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