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style: E - Soft-tip Watercolor Pen Double-headed Marker Pen Set For Children's Kindergarten Dual-purpose Thickness

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Product information:
Type: Double-ended brush art mark

Double tips: the brush head can be used for shading and coloring; the 0.4mm fine tip is used for contouring and detailing. Therefore, you can get both colorful brush marks and colorful beautiful refills. They are exquisite art pens suitable for children and adults.

Unique colors: Those double-headed markers have 120 bright colors and are marked with a tip type. Perfect lettering, calligraphy, school planner, diary study room, diary lines, sketch notes, bible notes, extra thin lines, calendars.

Good frame and display items: Our double brush nib and fine line pen set are provided in PP packaging. It can be used in school bags, travel bags or in homes and offices.

High quality: All brushes and fine-material pens can work normally, there will be no jumping or ink flow problems, and the ink will not dry quickly and will not stain. This is the perfect gift and gift for artists, students, children and other handicrafts, designs, etc.

A: 12 color white sticks to send watercolor book
B: 24 color white sticks to send watercolor book
C: 36 color white sticks to send watercolor book
D:48 color white stick to send watercolor book
E: 100 color white pole to send watercolor book
F: 12 color black bars to send watercolor book
G: 24 color black rod to send watercolor book
H: 72 color black bars to send watercolor book

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